Making the Most Out Of Your Gel

— September 02, 2020

Did you happen to snag an Aussie sale box? Your Aussie Instant Freeze Gel has some serious hold. Here's how you can maximize using a gel on your curls.

SHORT HAIR: In sections, apply your gel to soaking wet hair. Using a fine-tooth or medium-tooth comb, comb the gel through your hair from root to tip to define and distribute. You can re-add any residual gel on your comb directly to your hair. Follow up by fingerstyling your freshly combed section to re-clump curls and prep for drying. By combing first, you give your curls a smoother appearance and it helps you create a sleek, molded short coif.

MEDIUM LENGTH: Apply the same technique as the short tresses but make sure to use a medium-tooth comb. Combing through your gel will help remove any globs that you may miss by JUST fingerstyling. After fingerstyling, tip your head upside down and shake for springier curls. Dry with a head dryer or with a blow-dryer.

DON’T MIX WITH OILS: Creams are great mixing agents when creating a fabulous curl cocktail, however gels don’t always play well with others. Oils tend to soften the effects of gels, so if you’re looking for a stiff hold, don’t add oil. When mixing creams and gels, stick to one brand that will likely have products that are formulated to work well together.

Do you comb through your gel? How does it work on your hair type?