10 Reasons to Run and Put on a Pair of Hoop Earrings

Jun 05, 2019 Hair How To 0 comments

1. They go with everything. Really, they do. 2. They perfectly frame a melanated face. There’s something about a rounded hoop that accentuates all of your best features. 3. They make you feel just tad bit more saucy. Scientifically, studies show that while wearing hoop earrings, women gain 28% more confidence. We totally just made that up but you know it to be true. 4. They turn a t-shirt and jeans into a MOMENT. A big pair of hoops, complemented by a red lip makes a simple ensemble look like you really put in some effort. 5. They make your hair look better. We don’t care what anyone says, hoops automatically make your hair look ten times better. 6. They make your big chop transition worth it. You know you look good with a fade and a big pair of gold hoops. They belong together. 7. They finish your look. Did you REALLY finish getting dressed if you’re not wearing a pair? 8. They can be dressed up or dressed down. Hoops work at the academy awards or the beach. Regardless of the rules, they have a place. 9. They’re insanely cheap. You can get a fire pair of hoops for literally $3. 10. They’re your Black girl birthright. You’re owed two things in this precious life - gorgeous melanated skin and the ability to look like a queen in hoop earrings. That just made you want to toss on a pair, didn’t it? Go ahead. Photo: @mahanypery


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