Tapered cuts are super cute, but there are a few things you should know.

1. YOU’RE GONNA SPEND MORE MONEY: Cutting your hair into a tapered cut will require more visits to the salon for upkeep. Depending on how fast your hair grows, you’ll need routine 2 – 3 week appointments with either a stylist or a skilled barber to actually maintain the cut. Or, we’d suggest learning how to do at-home cuts.

2. YOU WON’T ALWAYS ACHIEVE THE SAME CUT: You’ll be surprised to find that your tapered cut will always look a little different. Every time you get a hair cut, it will morph a little. You may opt to keep a little length. You may want a more tapered neck. You may want a longer bang. Be prepared to play with the cut in all of its various stages.

3. YOU MAY NEED TO USE TWO DIFFERENT PRODUCTS FOR ONE LOOK: The shorter areas of your hair may require a gel or something that gives you more hold and definition, and maybe you’ll want to use a cream for your bang for a more fluffier result.

4. GROWING IT OUT MAY BE DIFFICULT: Growing out a tapered cut can sometimes be a little annoying because you’ll be forced let your “shag in the back” grow waaaay beyond your comfort level. When growing out tapered cuts, we suggest getting a protective style.

Photo credit: Janelle Monae styled by Nikki Nelms @nikkinelms.


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