Do you know exactly how to use your Afro Sheen ‘Fro Out Blow-Out Spray properly? Here are the top tips you should use to achieve silky straight tresses.

1. MAKE SURE YOUR HAIR IS CLEAN: Do not apply the spray to anything other than freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. You won’t get the same effect.

2. TOWEL DRY FIRST: You want to apply the blow-out spray to towel-dried hair. You can also use a t-shirt. You want to remove the water from your hair to avoid thinning out the product. You’ll achieve a much smoother blowout.

3. CONSIDER BINDING AND SETTING: Instead of doing a wet-to-dry blowout, consider applying your blow-out spray, binding your hair in sectional braids, and sitting under a hooded dryer for 20 minutes. Unravel and finish straightening with your blowdryer and a brush. This method actually gives you a straighter result, which cuts down on flat-ironing time.

4. DON’T COCKTAIL IT WITH ANYTHING: It might be tempting to create your own cocktail to use with the blow-out spray but make sure to just use the solution sans any additional oils or other leave-ins. It’s formulated to be used alone.

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