Too busy to meditate? No, you’re not. Here’s how you can do it.

1. REMEMBER THE BASIC PRINCIPLE OF MEDITATION: Many people believe meditation is about staying completely focused, when it’s really about being aware of the moments your mind likes to go astray. What are you thinking about when you’re trying to focus? Where is your mind going? Meditation is more about awareness than anything else. Got it? Good.

2. DITCH YOUR MORNING SCROLL FOR FIVE MINUTES OF MEDITATION: Admit it, you’re a morning scroller. Whether it’s email, Instagram or the news of the day, you spend a few minutes on your phone first thing in the morning. Instead, replace that time on your bedroom floor or in another comfy space thinking about your intentions for the day.

3. ONLY LISTEN TO JAZZ ON YOUR MORNING COMMUTE: For those in creative positions, try listening to jazz on your morning commute to super charge your imagination. The improvisation of jazz pushes your brain into the “dreaming brain” mode which is ripe for generating ideas. We recommend Dave Brubeck and John Coltrane. Of course, Miles Davis is also a fantastic choice.

4. TRY A MINDFULNESS EXERCISE AT WORK: A mindfulness exercise is perfect for those short on time. Since awareness is at the core of meditation, these exercises focus on purposeful focus for several minutes. For instance, on stressful days, set 3 -5 minutes on your phone and engage in a sensory moment. Keep a lavender satchel in your desk and pull it out, close your eyes and inhale the scent. Practice taking deep breaths and think about how you want to finish the day.

5. TRY A MEDIATION APP: Insight Timer features guided meditation, meditation teachers, meditation tracks, sounds and even local discussion groups. Check it out.

Photo credit: @queenspeaks


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