Turn a seemingly humdrum week into a magical few days.

1. CREATE A 30-DAY MANTRA JAR: Type out 30 affirmations/mantras, print out the sheet and cut each affirmation into a single strip. Fold each one up and store it in a jar near your bed. Each morning, read the affirmation and that’s your mantra for that day.

2. HANG A PRISM IN YOUR WINDOW: Hang a small prism in a window with the most sunlight to scatter rainbows all over your room.

3. TAKE A FLOWER PETAL BATH SURROUNDED BY TEA LIGHTS: Take a sensual bath of rose petals and Epsom salts in a bathroom lit only by tea lights.

4. CREATE A MEDITATION CORNER: Fill it with three plush pillows, a nearby scented candle and a photo you might want to focus on.

5. READ A BOOK OF BLACK FAIRYTALES: What could be more magical than reading African American folk tales and fairytales. We love Her Stories.

How do you add magic to your life?

Photo credit: @avivastanoffdesign


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