Your Jane Carter Condition & Sculpt Smoothing Curl Prep Gel delivers shiny, curls with a medium hold. If you’re wondering exactly how to incorporate this styler, here are a few easy tips.

SUPER DEFINED TWA: In sections, apply your gel to soaking wet hair in sections. Using a fine-tooth or medium-tooth comb, comb the gel through your hair from root to tip, then fingerstyle that separate section to re-clump and define curls for drying.You can re-add any residual gel on your comb directly to your hair. By combing first, you give your curls a smoother appearance and it helps you create a sleek, molded short coif.

MEDIUM LENGTH PERFECTION: Apply the same technique as the short tresses but make sure to incorporate a detangling brush. Combing/brushing through your gel will help remove any globs that you may miss by JUST fingerstyling. For intensified volume, tip your head upside down and dry with a blow-dryer/diffuser. For super defined, set curls, sit under a hooded dryer.

HOW TO COCKTAIL GELS: Oils tend to soften the effects of gels, so if you’re looking for a stiff hold, don’t use your Nourish & Shine before until your hair is dry. Your Condition & Sculpt Gel doesn’t really need the addition of a cream, so try using this one by itself.

How are you using your gel? 


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