Want a flawless back? Mind these tips.

The skin on your back is actually much tougher than the rest of your skin and it’s usually the least cared for. Here’s how to get your back on track.

DO INVEST IN A GOOD BACK BRUSH: The next time you’re at the drugstore, don’t just walk by those odd looking back brushes. Buy one. When used daily, they help slough off dead skin in the shower, helping to reduce back acne, scarring and tone variations.

WASH OFF YOUR CONDITIONER: Most of us wash and style our hair in the shower, and unknowingly, allow shampoo, conditioners and styling creams to ooze down our backs. These products may be clogging your pores or irritating sensitive skin. After you’ve finished your wash-n-go or rinsed your conditioner, double back and wash your back to rid of any residual product.

OPT FOR AN ANTI-BACTERIAL WASH: Your back goes through a lot. In the summertime, your cutesy tank tops allow you back to come in contact with many surfaces – car seats, chairs, walls, ect. You could literally be leaning against a bacterial playground everyday without knowing it. Factor in sweat from humidity and BOOM – back acne. Do yourself a favor and wash your back with a soap containing anti-bacterial agents like tea tree. Nubian Heritage Lemongrass and Tea Tree soap is particularly good to use on the back because the lemongrass also helps to brighten the skin.

Photo: @agiakur


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