If you’ve been natural for quite some time but you’ve recently decided to wear your hair straight for an extended period, you might have questions about the reversion process. Check out this helpful Q & A.

Q: Will I have to cut my hair after reverting?

curlBOX: The reality is that after wearing your hair straight for several weeks or months, you will likely have straight pieces that are permanently straightened. Depending on the resiliency of your curls, you may need a trim or a more extensive cut.

Q: Is there a way to restore limp curls?

curlBOX: Try doing several weeks of bentonite clay masks, which help to restore the tightness and texture of your curls. We also recommend doing weekly moisturizing treatments with products like your Maui Moisture Shine + Awapuhi Conditioner. Apply saran wrap and sit under the dryer for 25 minutes.

Q: What styles encourage your hair to curl again?

curlBOX: Try rolling the ends of your hair with perm rods after twisting.

Q: What can I do about my straight pieces?

curlBOX: You can either cut them or continue to use perm rods to help them curl.

Q: Will my straight pieces ever be curly again?

curlBOX: It’s unlikely. The only way to correct heat damage is usually with a good cut.

Have you reverted back to natural recently? 


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