Since we’ll be all spending Mother’s Day at home this year, we decided to share a few ways you can turn your home into a tranquil at-home salon for your mom (or yourself!). You deserve it!

1. ATTACH A POWERFUL FAUCET SPRAYER: If you’ll be doing mom’s hair this weekend (or your own), consider attaching a fabulous faucet sprayer to really give your scalp a pressurized rinse that’ll feel amazing.

2. ADD ESSENTIAL OILS TO A DIFFUSER: Add lavender, lemongrass, jasmine, vanilla, geranium or rose essential oils to a diffuser, so your at-home salon has a fragrant, delicious scent while you style.

3. GET SOME BUBBLY ON DECK: While you’re deep-treating, have a glass of champagne or sparkling juice.

4. GIVE YOUR MOM (OR YOURSELF) A SALON SCALP MASSAGE: Giving yourself a scalp massage that feels reminiscent of your favorite stylist. We detailed exactly how to do it here.

5. GIVE YOURSELF A STEAM TREATMENT: Whether it’s a facial steamer or a hair steamer, break it out and steam your tresses after adding a little avocado oil to your ends to prevent splitting. 

6. CONSIDER SOAKING YOUR FEET WHILE DRYING YOUR HAIR: If you really want to make mom feel pampered, let her soak her feet in a warm basin of fresh lavender, epsom salt and a few drops of lavender essential oil.

How are you pampering your mom (or yourself) this weekend? 


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