Sea minerals bring balance to a fussy, inflamed scalp while giving your strands a boost of zinc, potassium, calcium, iodine and many other beneficial minerals that help maintain healthy hair. Your Maui Moisture Color Protect + Sea Mineral Heat Shield is a heat-protectant hair mist infused with sea kelp, sea minerals and algae that shields strands from heat damage and color fading. Do you know some of the minerals and nutrients in kelp and algae? Here are a few: 

1. Zinc: Works well for tissue growth and repair.

2. Iodine: Helps your scalp fight infections.

3. Selenium: Helps form new hair follicles.

4. Calcium: Helps you gain thicker, fuller hair.

5. Magnesium: An anti-stress mineral that helps prevent hair loss.

6. Iron: Helps with issues of hair-thinning.

7. Potassium: Helps strengthen your hair.

Are you using your Heat Shield Mist? 


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