Before we had an entire aisle to ourselves at Target, we had these Black girl staples. Peruse and let it transport you back to a simpler time of pump waves and french rolls. Up first is the grease with a scent that could be detected a mile away. Blue Magic was magical, indeed.

2. Dax Curling Wax: You’d be lying if you said you’ve never felt the satisfaction from hearing this make your hair sizzle during a curling sesh.

3. Queen Helene Conditioner: Oooooh, it’s just so good. And your hair was so soft after that 38-hour conditioning session.

4. JAM Gel: This is pretty much the G.O.A.T. of slicking agents, right?


5. Lottabody Setting Lotion: Honestly, this STILL BANGS.

6. Pump It Up Spritz: You could probably forgo concrete and use this wondrous sticky magic to lay bricks, instead. The hold is unreal.


7. Isoplus Oil Sheen: Wheeeew, this had those ponytails SHINING.


8. Ampro Pro Styl Gel: The original edge slayer. Pay your respects.


9. African Royale Hot Six Oils: You’re lying if you say you didn’t use this for everything – hair, cuticles, body, bath. ERRthang.


10. LIV Creme Hairdress: This creme ensured your ponytails were the waviest, right?

Which one are you still using?



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