Do you get incredibly anxious at the start of a new year? Here are four ways to kick that anxiety to the curb.

1. TAKE IT SLOW: Amidst the literal wave of Instagram and Facebook posts that make it seem like people have morphed into entirely new people on January 1st, remember to take it slow and assess your personal goals and intended growth. You don’t have to jump in at lightening speed. Take a breath. You got this.

2. SET SMALL ACHIEVABLE GOALS: You already know this, but make sure you break down your big goals into five or so mini goals.

3. DON’T BE SO QUICK TO PUBLICLY SHARE YOUR RESOLUTIONS: Sharing your resolutions on Instagram might be your natural instinct. But, instead, share it with a close friend or family member so you have some personal accountability and NOT several hundred (or thousand) eyes watching and judging you at every step. Keep your resolutions private so you won’t feel ashamed when you have to adjust or if you simply decide on a new one.

4. REALIZE THAT YOUR 2019 WINS ROLL OVER INTO THE NEW YEAR: We never technically start FRESH in the new year. Make sure to remember that a small seed you may have sown in 2019 is going to flourish in 2020. Think of the new year as a time to simply keep going. Climb higher.

How are you celebrating the New Year? 



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