Do you know which parts are best for every type of protective style? Here are five easy parts you should know.

1. CROCHET BRAIDS: Zig zag parts are best for crochet braids because they give the appearance of individual triangle parts.

2. CROCHET LOCS: Opt for slightly messy finger parts that aren’t completely straight. You can even attempt to do “bubble parting,” which is when you use your comb to do semi-circles in a row. Your locs won’t line up in a straight row, which will give them a more realistic look.

3. INDIVIDUAL FAUX LOCS: For individuals, boxed parting works just fine, but we’re also big fans of triangle parting for a little more flare.

4. INDIVIDUAL BOX BRAIDS: Boxed parting is undefeated with box braids, but angled parting looks neat and incredibly precise.

5. CROCHET WEAVES: Traditional straight parts work best for a straight-hair crochet look.

What parts do you love most? 

Photo: @hairbysusy


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