Curls feeling flat? We got you. Here are some easy tips to adding quick volume.

1. COMB YOUR FLAT-TWISTS: If you’re looking for big, frowy, soft, voluminous hair, considering combing your flat twists. Once you’ve taken them down, simply finger-comb through to get a wavy soft effect. You can also use a wide tooth comb and comb through ONCE. 

2. DRY YOUR HAIR UPSIDE DOWN: After fingerstyling with your Curls Unleashed Curl Amplifying Gel Souffle, tip your head upside down and use a diffuser to add more volume to finer strands.

3. DO A DRY TWIST: If you’re always wet-twisting your hair, consider doing a dry twist, which will instantly give you more bounce and more volume. 

4. TEASE AT THE ROOT: If you want more volume with your two-strand twists, try lightly teasing at the root. 

5. COCKTAIL WITH A MOUSSE: Add a few pumps of a mousse from one of your previous boxes to your gel souffle. A good mousse tends to add a softness and bounce to finer textures. 

How do you add volume? 


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