Take a peek around. Curls are getting bolder by the minute. If you’re interested in adding a major color boost to your curls, mind these tips.

Purple will make you the picture of perfection. We’re thinking you should opt for a loud shade of violet that can be kept bright the bi-weekly use of this stain.  Photo: @jansita_af

Don’t wanna color your hair? You don’t have to anymore. Check out one of the many hair wax paints available to quickly add a pop of color to your ‘do. We love indigo blue and it fades quite nicely. Buy it here.  Photo: @woodenmirror_

Cotton candy pink is also the wave. This look can be created with the same hair wax or you can stain your blonde tresses with this rinse. Photo: @lokontronxita20

Our favorite look of the season is this vibrant red-orange that looks amazing on short and long hair. Photo: @eucarinasoares


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