Are you taking advantage of your cream cleanser? Here are a few extra ways you should be using it.

CREAM CLEANSERS ACTS AS DETANGLERS: Your typical sudsing cleanser won’t help detangle your curls much, but a cream cleanser like your Papaya Castor Scalp Cleanser softens, silkens and smoothes curls the moment you apply it. Use your wide-tooth comb or detangling brush to get started.

THEY WORK BETTER ON POST-PROTECTIVE STYLE: After taking out a protective style, you’re prone to a lot of shedding and your strands may be brittle. We usually recommend doing either a pre-poo or a pre-shampoo oil treatment to dissolve build-up, but when you have a cream cleanser, you can go straight to your wash. It immediately begins to breakdown the dirt and build-up.

CREAM CLEANSERS ALLOW YOU TO SKIP CONDITIONER IN A PINCH: If you’re in a bit of a rush and can’t do your normal routine, use a cream cleanser. Its creamy texture and moisturizing formula allows you shampoo and go straight to styling if you’re low on time.

IT’S THE PERFECT SECOND WASH AFTER CLARIFYING: Clarifying shampoos can tend to be very hard on your hair. We always recommend doing a second wash with a much softer shampoo. 


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