Gorgeous, right? We spotted this (2017 -2018) photo series from photographer @medinadugger and instantly fell in love. These beautiful styles were created by stylist @ijeoma2487. Read on to get the full definition of “Chroma: An Ode to J.D. Okhai Ojeikere.”

Chroma (2017-2018) is series that celebrates women’s hair styles in Nigeria through a fanciful, contemporary lens. The images are inspired by hair color trends in Lagos and by the late Nigerian photographer J.D. Ojeikere, who photographed over a thousand different designs in his lifetime. African hair braiding methods date back thousands of years and Nigerian hair culture is a rich and extensive process which begins in childhood. The methods have been influenced by social/cultural patterns, historical events and globalization. Hairdos range from being purely decorative to conveying more symbolic messages, revealing social status, age and tribal/family traditions.⁣

Take a look.



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