Want a quick and cheap glo-up? Mind these tips.

1. LIMIT WATER LOSS: Omega-3 fatty acids limit water loss in skin cells. Add in wild salmon oil supplements for quick results.

2. INCREASE HYDRATION: Add aloe vera juice and/or pulp to your smoothies to increase skin hydration and hair strength.

3. BOOST YOUR WATER “SNACKS”: The best, most hydrating water-rich foods to add to your diet are cucumbers, berries, watermelon and celery.

4. INDULGE IN ANTIOXIDANT WATER: Add antioxidant power to your water by using herbs and citrus. Try a combo of rosemary and lemon to detox.

5. LAY OFF THE SUGAR: If you’re already experiencing skin dehydration, remember that sugar dehydrates the skin, so laying off the sweets.

6. SWITCH TO FILTERED WATER: If your area has very hard water, wash your face using filtered, purified or distilled water only. Many people have seen a boost in the health of their skin after doing this for at least a week.

7. GET RID OF UNDER EYE CIRCLES: Create a DIY serum with vitamin E, apricot oil and two drops of lemon essential oil. Use a 3oz travel-sized bottle and mix equal parts vit. E and apricot oil, along with two drops of lemon essential oil. Shake well and apply to eyes in the morning and night.

8. ADD A SIDE OF AVOCADO: Avocados contain many of the skin-glowing fats your body needs. It’s chocked full of vitamins E and K, which both assist in addressing inflammation and fighting early signs of aging. Add in a side of avocado to your breakfast, lunch or dinner everyday.

Photo: @laurissawillems



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