A: Porosity refers to your hair’s ability to hold moisture or water. It’s important to determine porosity so you can choose the appropriate products for your hair needs. Check out the porosity test in the image above and read on to see how to manage your specific porosity needs.

LOW POROSITY: Low porosity hair doesn’t have the ability to hold much moisture. The hair cuticles tend to be very compacted and moisturization can become very difficult. Employ the use of heat to force your cuticles open to receive moisture.

Apply conditioner and use a hooded dryer, steamer or pre-warmed oils mixed with conditioner. Rinse with cool water to lock in moisture. Use lighter oils like almond and grapeseed as opposed to heavier oils like coconut and olive. Build up can usually be an issue for low porous hair types, so treat your strands to a bentonite clay mask once a month.

NORMAL POROSITY: Those with a normal level of porosity may suffer from seasonal issues (dryer hair in colder temperatures) but generally don’t have an issue receiving and maintaining moisture. Stick to conditioning agents and products that soften and nourish.

HIGH POROSITY: Those with high porosity hair can easily absorb water but tend to need more product to combat frizz and actually define curls. The main culprit behind high porosity hair is heat and chemical damage. The hair becomes tangled in a short amount of time.

What’s your porosity level? 


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