If you’re already starting to feel sluggish this fall, you may need to incorporate some immune boosters. Here are some supplements and herbs that work perfectly to banish allergies, fatigue and colds.

1. SCHISANDRA BERRY: This wonderful blood cleanser filters through the organs and back to the heart. Incorporating a blood-cleaning herb into your diet with assist you in detoxing impurities, especially when you decide to rev up your sweet tooth for an entire week. It’s also a fatigue-fighter.

2. ECHINACEA: It’s not just for the flu or a cold. It works wonders as a preventative measure due to its immune-boosting properties. It also fights acne-causing bacteria.

3. FENNEL: If you fast occasionally, fennel can be your best friend. This herb actually decreases your appetite, which comes in super handy when you want to eat light.

4. SEA KELP: One of the best things you can put in your body is sea kelp. It’s rich in healing iodine and ocean minerals. You can snag it in powder form to add to green drinks or get the supplement. For crazy healthy hair, kelp is the best thing you can take.

5. VITAMIN C POWDER: Vitamin C powder: Adding 1⁄4 of a teaspoon to a glass of juice of water twice a day will combat that sluggish, drowsy feeling. Look for non-GMO Vitamin C crystals that are water-soluble.

Photo: @platingsandpairings


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