A mantra is a sacred utterance or a declaration you speak to affirm something (or yourself). Here are a few for the #curlboxcrew.

1. I am BEYOND worthy: Worthiness is often something society makes Black women feel like they have to quality for. We know that’s not true, so consider chanting “I am beyond worthy” first thing in the morning.”

2. My situation doesn’t DEFINE me: You may not have THEE job or your perfect relationship status yet. Your finances may be funny and your family situation is less than desirable. Those things are your circumstances, NOT your identity.

3. I am whole, happy and HEALED: Black womanhood can be a buffet of emotional pain. While you’re working it out in therapy (which we HIGHLY suggest), incorporate a mantra that sets the tone during the moments you feel the worst.

4. Peace within. Peace WITHOUT: This is a simple one. When you’re feeling rather anxious, do a quick meditative chant to help calm you down.

5. My needs ARE important: Black girls can sometimes put themselves at the bottom of their own lists. While you’re going through great lengths to take care of everyone else, try audibly chanting “my needs are important” on a daily basis to remind yourself. YOUR needs DO matter.

What’s your fav mantra?

Photo credit: @hellobosco


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