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Q: I’m trying to restore my damaged hair. I know there’s a cut in the near future, but I was wondering if there’s a good way to tie it up at night? Pineapple or bonnet? Any fabrics I should stay away from?

A: Great question! A bonnet is one of the best ways to prevent further damage at night. Unlike your nightly pineapple, a bonnet prevents your ends from creating friction when coming in contact with a cotton pillow case. A bonnet can also help keep your hair from tangling by neatly keeping it in one area. Bonnets are also like little hydration centers. Your Evolve satin bonnet generates just the slightest amount of heat that won’t frizz curls but does assist in raising the moisture levels. We’d suggest lightly spritzing ends with a leave-in before tossing on your bonnet at night.

Concerning fabrics you should stay away from would definitely be cotton, which can be kind of drying. And, yes, if your hair is damaged, you’re definitely going to want to schedule a hair cut. Happy Styling!



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