Are you new to transitioning? Awesome. First off, welcome to the club. Secondly, here’s what you need to know to achieve maximum growth this first quarter.

1. GO HIGH PROTEIN: It’s no secret that protein helps your hair grow – it’s the stuff your hair is made of after all! As such, enjoying foods that are high in protein, like beans/legumes, eggs, and chicken can help to jumpstart the process.

2. TAKE KELP & VITAMIN B: Seriously, kelp really assists in helping your hair grow at a much faster rate. If you’re in a growth slump, it jumpstarts growth pretty fast. The slippery, green seaweed is rich in iodine along with calcium, zinc, magnesium, iron, amino acids and vitamins A and K. It assists in alleviating hair shedding, as well as hair loss. You should also consider supplementing with vitamin B, which is great for cell regeneration and strengthening hair follicles. Vitamin B5 directly affects the metabolism of the scalp? The result is hair growth.

3. ALTERNATE BETWEEN PROTEIN & MOISTURIZING TREATMENTS: Alternate between strengthening deep treatments and moisturizing treatments. Strengthening treatments will include ingredients like amino acids, keratin and hydrolyzed proteins. Moisturizing treatments include fatty alcohols, emollient butters, glycerin and humectants. Alternate back and forth between each type of formula.

4. NIX THE HOT WATER: Avoid hot water when washing or rinsing your hair, as it can damage hair follicles and inhibit growth. Stick to cooler water, which can also help your hair retain moisture. Oh, and, just so you know, rinsing with warm or hot water actually raises your risk of losing all the nutrients you just spent 30 minutes infusing into your strands.

5. CHILL ON THE HEAT-STYLING: Low manipulation styles are KING. These would be defined as styles where you don’t have to style (or manipulate them) everyday. Do a two-strand twist (with perm rods on the ends) that delivers a fluffy ‘do and wear it for five days. Try to focus on styles that don’t require you to brush or comb your hair everyday. If you MUST heat-style, stick to once every two weeks and stop yourself from flat-ironing your hair every morning.

6. ADD CASTOR OIL & ROSEMARY FOR GROWTH: Jamaican black castor oil DOES work. This wonder oil does contribute to growth, so we suggest adding several drops of rosemary essential oil (a known growth booster) and using it once a week as a conditioning oil treatment and/or directly on the scalp.

Photo credit: @styledbyreese


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