Are you using Instagram in a productive way? Here’s how you can do better. 

SEARCH, DON’T JUST SCROLL: It’s insanely easy to scroll through Instagram mindlessly without ever thinking about the content you’re viewing. Instead, use Instagram as a resource. Do you want to know more about a specific topic? Use the hashtag feature and search topics like #bookstagram (amazing book selections). Select a topic you want to know more about and review the hashtags. Turn Instagram into a resource and not just entertainment.

STUDY THE PROGRESSION OF YOUR FAV ACCOUNTS: If you’re looking to raise your followers or see how one particular account always keeps your attention, take the time to review a number of posts. Do they use a certain color scheme? Font? Types of filters and pictures? What makes them popular? Why do YOU like them? Instead of JUST liking posts, try to determine how they’ve monetized their voice.

GET AN ARTISTIC BOOST: If you’re taking a break from work because you’re creatively blocked, try taking a look at #museum. It’s full of shots from cool museums around the world, as well as art collections.

USE YOUR EXPLORE TAB WISELY: Your “explore” tab is the culmination of what everyone you currently follow is liking or checking out. If it’s full of uninteresting photos, you may want to consider following an influx of people/accounts with better content. On the flip, this tab can also showcase some amazing accounts you’re not following yet. Peruse it.

FILL A VOID: Are you a content creator looking for more work? Take a look at the businesses you’d like to work for and see if they’re lacking in content. Is there a need you could fill? Use Instagram to craft your perfect pitch using specific posts where you could enhance their reach.

How do you use Instagram?


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