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New year. New hair. New perspective. Here are a five ways you should be looking at your hair products in 2018.

1. PRICE DOESN’T DICTATE STYLE POTENTIAL: Like your clothes, it’s best to have a mix of high and low. You may have a $58 masque that works insanely good, while also keeping a $2.99 conditioning gem in the closet as well. Managing your hair snobbery keeps your product options robust. We at curlBOX do our best to introduce you to high-end hair products and affordable products that deliver the same results.

2. YOU NEED TO INCORPORATE BEAUTY SUPPLY STORE & DRUGSTORE GOODIES: Why? They’re accessible and they work. If you’re traveling and the airport loses your bag, you’ll need to have some under $10 goodies that can be purchased at the nearest store. If your financial situation suddenly changes, your cheaper hair products will come in handy, and you won’t have to switch up your whole routine.

3. BE OBSESSED WITH WHAT WORKS, NOT JUST WHAT’S POPULAR: It’s easy to get caught up in fandom, but make sure you’re not rejecting certain brands that may work well for your type and texture because they’re less popular. If you’re willing to try obscure or lesser known brands, you’ll be amazed at how well they work.

4. BE WILLING TO TRY REINVENTED BRANDS: Many legacy brands are changing their formulations to offer more affordable and better products for textured hair. And guess what? THEY’RE PRETTY GOOD. You may remember a certain brand from childhood, but now they’ve removed all the ingredients you don’t like – petroleum, alcohol, parabens, gluten, etc. Before you rule out a line, see how it works.

5. DO A TRIAL RUN: With any brand you’re leery about using, do a trial run using one of the maintenance products (shampoo, conditioner) and one of the stylers (gel, creme, leave-in). If you don’t like the shampoo, you may love the edge control. Give yourself options.

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