With two weeks finished in my internship with curlBOX, I find myself learning a ton about the ins and outs of the Fulfillment Center. I am starting to understand the month-to-month routine that goes on and I have also gotten to study the business model a good amount. This has resulted in a bunch of ideas I am developing and preparing to present to the wonderful ladies of curlBOX.

In week two, I got to package and ship the Father’s Day Man Box, ship the Briogeo Dope Deal box, and prepare for the big packing days coming next week for the June Monthly subscription box. There is so much that goes into every single box and it has been wonderful to observe and participate in the steps to make all of these boxes happen. I got to speak with one of the curlBOX employees named Diana who walked me through some of the customer service related aspects of the company that she deals with. I had a lot of questions for her about how returns are handled, how payments are processed, and how purchases are received and processed throughout the different branches of the company.

I am particularly excited about this coming week because of the range of activities that lay before me. I will be observing and participating in the massive June Monthly subscription box pack day where I will learn how to effectively manage a crew of workers by creating a positive and fun work environment that is also efficient. I will also get to accompany Myleik, Founder and CEO, at a photo shoot for a future box where I will get a different look at the behind-the-scenes steps to complete a full box and hopefully learn a lot from Myleik just by observing the way she conducts her business. Finally, I will get to spend some time at the curlBOX HQ office where I will talk and work in marketing. I am very excited to get a first hand look at the massive task of marketing the products over many different social media platforms. I have not had much exposure to marketing yet in school or in a business setting, so I will definitely have some good questions about the job and daily workload. This experience with curlBOX has been an absolute thrill so far and I can’t wait for another wonderful week to come.

– Luke


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