Blog Post #1 - Luke Macadam REVISED

My name is Luke. I am a twenty-year-old rising junior at Baylor University, double majoring in Entrepreneurship and Management Information Systems (MIS). I live in Atlanta and I met Myleik at the gym a couple years ago. I heard a lot about curlBOX and what their operation was like, so when it came time for me to find a summer internship, I immediately thought about them. I knew I would love the environment because of my ability to get along well with women, I grew up with three older sisters, and because I have an entrepreneurial spirit.

I started my summer internship with curlBOX just one week ago and my experience has been nothing short of excellent! I spent the week in the cB Fulfillment Center where all the orders are processed and packaged. I learned how to receive shipments, sort the products, package the boxes, and ship out the finished products. I also got hands on experience with processing returns and MyTaughtYou orders. I am super excited for the coming weeks in which I will get to experience big packing days for the Father’s Day Man Box and the June Monthly Box. I hope to continue to learn the logistics of the company as well as getting to perform many of the tasks myself.

I got to have lunch with Myleik and some of the cB staff this week and I loved seeing how Myleik is always thinking about new projects, trying out new ideas, innovating, and inspiring others. This is contagious and creates an exciting work environment where all ideas are welcome and where I feel like everyone is learning together as a team. I anticipate that I will gain a lot more skill in the areas of marketing, branding, human resources, and innovation. As I continue throughout the summer, I hope to bring a few of my own ideas to the company and hopefully improve upon what is already an amazing organization.

Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about face creams, shampoos, skin oils, blowout lotions, or any other women’s products, but I can still lend a different perspective on the processes of the company and the ways in which we get all of those amazing products to you. Stay tuned for more information on my experience here at the company and make sure you follow @curlBOX on social media so you can stay up to date on all the exciting offers that are coming in the near future!


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