I’m ADDICTED to organizing things. Don’t believe me? Ask anyone at my local Container Store. When the seasons change I get really serious about getting my closet ready and Spring is my favorite! Here are a few tips. 

1. Start with a purge. What are those things you’ve been holding onto that you KNOW you won’t ever wear again, or, even worse, never wore? Let them go. Either donate or consign but I give you permission to GIVE UP.

2. Next, I like to group things. How are your staples doing? Jeans still fitting good? Like the colors? In need of a new wash? Now is the time to go a bit lighter and have fun with some of the ripped worn jeans. It’s warm enough to have a knee out. Ha! *Depending on where you live. Sorry, east coast!*

3. Alterations, anyone? Did you gain or lose over the winter? I’m all about fit. Maybe you wore some things out. Get new caps on your heels, cinch the waist in on a few things or let a hem out if you have to.

4. Get a cute closet hook and start putting your looks together and leave one out to keep you inspired to stay cute this spring! Here’s a cute hook.


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