On a scale of zero to bawling your eyes out for days, how much will you miss having Michelle Obama as our First Lady? While we still have some time left, let’s muse on the beauty and style lessons she’s taught us.

1. BARE ARMS: Not since Angela Bassett’s portrayal of Tina Turner have we seen such toned, enviable arms! Michelle’s detailed her exercise regimen many times and she’s totally unafraid of showing off the results in one of her trademark dresses.

2. BOBS CAN BE EVER-CHANGING: Seriously, Mrs. O has proven that bobs are crazy versatile. She’s rocked a sleek look with a bang, a fluffy ‘do with a feathered swoop, and, most recently, a wavy coif with razor-cut ends.

3. GO SMOKY: Our First Lady spent her first year or two rocking fairly earth-toned makeup but morphed into a literal Hollywood starlet with perfect smoky eyes to match.

4. GRACE IS THE PERFECT ACCESSORY: What Michelle Obama accentuates most is grace. Though she is stylish and absolutely gorgeous, it’s her unmatched class that will forever be her legacy.

5. DON’T BE AFRAID OF PRINTS: Whether she’s greeting the Canadian Prime Minister, trading stories with dignitaries in the oval, or casually slaying our lives in Oscar de la Renta, Mrs. O is all about wearing a big, bold print unashamedly.

6. LET YOUR HIPS LIVE: Do not hide those full hips of yours. Michelle doesn’t.

Photo credit: The Verge


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