You can make it through the day. You can make it through the day. You can make it through the day. Rinse. Repeat. Oh, and read this.

GIVE YOURSELF A BRAIN BOOST: Lord knows you’re going to have a hard time focusing today, so pop some omega 3s (fish oil) to give your brain a boost. DHA. found mainly in oily fish, enhances memory protection and can help improve memory function. Also, get a little ginseng in the mix. It works well for mental clarity.

GET BETTER FORMS OF CAFFEINE: Listen, we know you need your coffee and we’re not proposing that you do away with your cup of java first thing in the morning. However, you should consider replacing a few of those consecutive cups with a healthier form of caffeine like matcha green tea. It has a better “caffeine high,” meaning it gives you a more calm rush, sans the crash and jitters of coffee-binging.

REDUCE OVERWHELM WITH ORGANIZATION: You’ve opened your email to find over 231 emails and you literally want to slump down under your desk and hide. Instead, set a game plan in the morning for how you’ll tackle the important stuff first. The Wunderlist app really helps, so if you don’t already have it, GET IT.

LISTEN TO A PODCAST: Listening to a fiery podcast just might give you the boost you need WHILE you work. Shameless plug ahead: Myleik’s latest “Boss Up” series is particularly good. Check it out here.


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