Yes, you may be tired but you don’t have to look the part. Here are three makeup tips to looking fresh when you’re exhausted.

ADD HIGHLIGHTER UNDER EYES AND BROWS: Adding a dab of creme highlighter under your brows and just under your eyes instantly brightens your face and combats droopy, dark bags. Apply a little concealer first.

BRONZE UNDER BLUSH: Sweep bronzer on the highest part of your cheekbone and apply a second layer of blush over it and around the apples of your cheek. The bronzer enhances the true shade of the blush, while simultaneously reflecting light.

BRIGHTEN THE LIP & AVOID DARK COLORS: Peach, coral and bright red shades brighten medium to darker tones the best. If your face already looks tired, a darker tone may intensify your look of fatigue. Save it for another day.

Photo credit: @beelaagy


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