December can be the best month of the year. Here’s how.

1. START YOUR GOALS NOW: Think back. Like, waaay back. Have you ever successfully held onto a New Years Resolution? No? Okay. They’re far more trendy than useful. You have a better chance of actually committing to your goals if you simply start NOW. Wanna hit the gym? Go today (while they’re empty) or do a 15 minute exercise session using an app on your phone.

2. REMEMBER THAT THE YEAR ISN’T OVER: Sometimes we train our brains to believe once December 1st hits, the year is already over. You have weeks to complete something fantastic. Instead of only focusing on how you’ll kick off 2016, think of something really cool to top off 2015. It could be something as small as finally learning how to make that dish you’ve been eyeing on Pinterest or booking a last minute trip like you promised yourself back in July. DO it!

3. PLAN FOR THE FIRST QUARTER ONLY: What are you planning to achieve from January to March? This is a great place to start because it’ll force you to break down your goals instead of keeping them so lofty, they overwhelm you.

4. PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK: You’ve made it through another year and you’re dedicated to making 2016 another amazing year. Definitely take advantage of your vacation and chill, love, bake, laugh, read and whatever else helps you recharge.

5. DENY AN UNREALISTIC PERSONAL OVERHAUL: There is something about being on the precipice of a new year that makes us believe we should enter it as totally new, shiny creatures, void of all flaws. Yes, you want to enter 2016 with your best foot forward but it’s unrealistic to believe you’ll completely leave your less than appealing habits on the other side of midnight. You are a beautiful, complicated work in progress. As you should be.

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