Venice. Milan. Lyon. Paris.

My travel is typically pretty local, in fact Delta sent me an email today letting me know that I had reached Platinum status and that LGA (LaGuardia) was my most visited airport this year. I take lots of trips to New York because most hair companies are located in … New York.

Anyway … About my trip to Venice. I’d never been to Venice before and I got the idea to tag along on the man’s trip to the Venice Biannale when he mentioned having to go for work a few months ago. If you aren’t really sure what that is, imagine going to an art Olympics. You’re going to see lots and lots of art. He’s a contemporary art curator so I knew what I was signing up for.

In Venice we stayed at Palazzina G and we walked about two miles from our hotel and had an absolute blast having drinks and these little sandwich things at Al Timon. Those little bites were so good and so cheap … I think I ate 6 or 7 of them (don’t worry, I started back with my trainer this week). The next night I wanted to do something really nice and special so we had dinner Ristorante Quadri (a tad expensive but super good). We also went to check out art at the Punta Della Dogana if you want to OD on art like I did. Ha! After two days in Venice we took a train to Milan.

I was SO tired on the train to Milan (MY GAWD)! Once we pulled up to the train station and walked out I was blown away. Milan, your gorgeous! Our hotel was less than a mile away from the station so we walked in the gorgeous weather to the Hotel Principe Di Savoia. The plan was to go to thePrada Foundation but we managed to stop for the BEST pizza that I have ever had in my LIFE. Too bad I can’t remember the name of the place we went but eat pizza in Milan — it’s yummy. Once we got to the Prada Foundation I was blown away by the architecture and the bar (the drinks were gorgeous). My favorite piece was “Lost Love” (2000) by Damien Hirst. My other fave thing in Milan was EATALY! I could have LIVED in that store. Read the rest here.


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