Here are three reasons why a vintage glam look could be your everyday fall fix.

1. IT WORKS WITH EVERY SKIN TONE: A tight, black-lined eye, flawless foundation, slightly flushed cheeks and bold red lips literally looks good on everyone. The timeless look can be your go-to for any season because it can be modified with a few simple touches like the addition of bronzer or using a gloss instead of a matte lip.

2. IT CAN BE DONE IN 5 MINUTES: Believe it or not, a vintage face is fairly easy to achieve if you simply focus on filing in your brows, achieving a neat eyeliner application and dabbing on a gorgeous matte lip. These three details are the focus of this look, so practice perfecting them.

3. IT NEVER GETS OLD: This look is not based on trends but the emphasizing of your natural features, which makes it a timeless choice. You will never tire of sexy eyes and pouty lips, so play with gel and pencil liners and an array of reds ranging from brick to bordeaux.


Try going darker with the lip.


Rev up the lashes and add just a touch of sparkle in the corners of your eyes.

Photo credit: @beautybyttee



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