Here’s how to make your red lipstick application smooth and perfect.

The brown girl’s go-to red lippie is MAC Ruby Woo. It looks fantastic on pretty much any and every shade. The key to a perfect application is maintaining a smooth surface.

1. Brown Sugar Scrub: You don’t have to spend more than $2 to get the easiest lip scrub you’ll ever come across. Buy a box of dark brown sugar, take a small scoop and add just a few drops of water to create moistness but not a watery paste. Scrub your lips with the tips of your fingers and rinse with warm water. Brown sugar gives you a deeper scrub because it contains glycolic acid, which fights bacteria and promotes cell turnover.

2. Apply a thin layer of coconut oil and blot with a tissue. You want to moisturize, but not leave your lips too greasy for a matte lipstick application.

3. Apply and…stunt.

Photo credit: @tamilispeixoto


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