If you love makeup but you don’t like spending hundreds of dollars, try these hacks.

1. TOILET SEAT COVERS AS OIL BLOTS: if you’re not interested in those expensive but cute little oil blots, steal a gang of seat covers the next time you get a chance. Cut them into little squares and keep them in a small baggie in your purse.

2. Q-TIP FOR INNER-EYE GLOW: Q-tips often work well for eyeshadow application. Dip a q-tip in a shimmery loose powder, tap to remove loose powder, and dab in the corners of your eyes for a pop of shimmer. 

3. CREAM STAIN THAT DOES TRIPLE WORK: Find a cool creme stain that triples as a creme  blush, lip stain and occasional eyeshadow. Tarte Cheek Stain works pretty well.

4. CORNSTARCH & COCOA TO MATTE YOUR FACE: Cornstarch works wonders to set your makeup, however, for darker tones, you may have to modify it a bit. Add just a bit of pure cocoa to darken your powder. Mix and dab on with a big blush brush.

5. GET A CRAZY GOOD MASCARA: A wonderful mascara that plumps up lashes professionally can change the look of your eyes sans eye liner, allowing you to forgo buying any. We love Benefit BADgal “They’re Real” msacara. You can even use it as liquid liner.


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