I feel lost every time I think the cloud of confusion (more commonly referred to as “your twenties”) has just about passed…and I end up right back at the corner of distress and “Nope, you’re not there yet!” 

I had a conversation with Myleik a few days ago about my professional growth. The lesson? This career thing is an ongoing, lifelong process. The conversation was a gentle reminder that all of the growth and achievement I have experienced over the past two years doesn’t mean shit if I don’t keep moving forward.

The very discomfort I dread is a signal of growth. It is a reminder to get my head in the game! A sign that the race is not yet won.

Myleik also shared a really insightful article with the office. (Check it out here)

According to author Mark Manson, “You can’t win if you don’t play”. The brief periods of euphoria are a façade of having arrived and last only as long as I can fool myself into thinking I have it all figured out.

As my two-year curlBOX anniversary approaches, I needed this little reminder! I hope this blog serves as a little push for you as well.


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