I Still Don’t Have a Credit Card.

While a very significant amount of my twenty – something friends and family are getting married, having babies and buying houses…I still don’t have a credit card.

I was reminded – yet again – of my deficiency in the credit arena this morning as I sat across from a bank employee who scolded that the temporary card she was issuing me wouldn’t be necessary had I completed my online shopping with a credit card, rather than my trusty debit. Ugh. I didn’t really need the dresses anyway. 

Said employee also reminded me that I better get a move on unless I want to be forty when I purchase my first home. I mean; can I get to thirty first?

It seems as if the world just can’t help constantly reminding me that I’m not quite a full-fledged adult yet. It’s like the marriage thing. First, the mad dash to the altar, then “When will you get pregnant? You know you can’t have an only child, right?”

This brings me back to that age-old question – How exactly do we define adulthood? Because maybe I don’t wanna be one!

The truth is, credit cards scare me a little. Along with a multitude of other “grown up” related issues and practices; like grey hair and mammograms.

Why don’t we eliminate the defining factors altogether? After all, I am a completely different 27 year old than my mother was, and she was a completely different 27 year old than her mother was. Our time may be better spent being the best people we can be, adult or otherwise.

Perhaps I’ve solved the KRISIS.


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