Have you tried your Covergirl The Super Sizer Mascara? Try these tips. 

1. GO HORIZONTAL: Horizontally brushing with your wand gives you thicker, more lush lashes. A vertical application gives you a more natural finish.

2. USE YOUR MASCARA AS GEL LINER: Use your mascara as a gel liner. Mascara actually has some serious staying power. Apply it with a super thin liner brush.

3. BEND THE BRUSH: If you have a hard time using a typical mascara wand, bend it so it’s horizontal, and apply from there.

4. SALINE REVIVES OLD MASCARA: Adding drops of contact solution to an old, nearly empty mascara bottle will help you snag the last few remnants.

5. SATURATE THE BASE: Take the tip of your mascara wand and gently brush on your mascara at the base. Evenly distribute your mascara by combing upwards, like usual. This helps give your lashes a serious coat.


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