Hopefully you tuned in to part one of our interview with Tamia. Check out part two where she details an amazing energy boost in her diet and what it really means to be beautiful. 

We’d imagine that your diet is pretty clean. What’s one healthy item you manage to add in everyday that the #curlboxcrew should incorporate?

Tamia: I love chia seeds. They really give you energy. Oh, and a great tip – I learned this from a microbiologist – you should soak the chia seeds overnight in water and when you wake up in the morning, it’s a tapioca consistency. That’s actually what you want from the seeds, that gummy texture. Maca root is also amazing for energy to add to your smoothies.

Let’s switch gears. We love to discuss the concepts and ideas of beauty. What are some ways you’re encouraging your daughters to accept their unique beauty?

Tamia: It’s important to know who you are. The most beautiful people that we think are beautiful – they weren’t even born that way. So we’re beating ourselves up wondering why we aren’t as beautiful. As a mom of two daughters, it’s important for me to teach them that how you feel inside is what matters most. It’s important to know that you’re worth isn’t based on how beautiful you are.

Tell me a little about your new album Love Life.

Tamia: Yes! It’s a love album. But it’s also about loving life. It’s a happy album and a great summertime project. I’m working on a tour now and that should get going in August or September.

Who did you work with on Love Life?

Tamia: I got to work with a lot of great producers, like Tricky Stewart and Claude Kelly. And a few new ones that I’ve never worked with like The Dream.  I can’t wait for everyone to live with it a little bit.

It’s so good to have some R&B back on the scene. It seems like there hasn’t been as much “real singing” in the past few years. Thoughts?

Tamia: R&B just hasn’t had the platform or the machine behind like it previously did. There’s good R&B out now, we just have to seek it out. The more opportunities R&B artists gets to perform on a bigger stage, the more awareness it’ll bring to people and prove ‘Look, we’re here! We’ve always been here.’

Love Life can be purchased on iTunes now. Check out part one of this interview here.


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