Work it Out.

It’s been about four months since Victoria and I participated in our first Total Fit Challenge.

It isn’t just the actual workouts that are life changing. Taking that all-important first step has a domino affect that knocks all your little pieces into place. For instance: No gorging on Girl Scout cookies during my Sunday night TV when there’s a workout in the morning, and maybe just one glass of wine with dinner? 

If you’ve ever done a burpee with a hangover then you catch my drift.

All those fallen dominoes have led to a happier Kendolyn. Happy and healthy look pretty good on me if I do say so myself…and you would be surprised what your body can recall with a bit of a push. I do still have one or two muscles leftover from high school.

There’s something very empowering about sticking to a decision, especially a good one. I wonder what eight months strong will look like.

If you’re looking for a starting point check out the Total Fit Challenge featured on





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