I’m sure I am not alone in saying that recent race–related events have left me feeling uneasy, to say the least. Uneasy and itching for positivity.

I am not sure exactly what I was looking for on my second trip to the National Civil Rights Museum this past weekend, but wide-grinned tourists smiling for photos next to statues of teenagers being tormented during drugstore counter sit–ins wasn’t it. 

Just as my level of annoyance was reaching a fever pitch, I overheard a father wrangling his young, white children for a quick lesson, sitting them down at that very same counter.

While I cannot recall his words verbatim, the site of a white man impressing the importance of such a huge part of our history upon his children was uplifting. The realization that the continued struggle for basic human rights is not completely invisible to the unaffected gives one a glimmer of hope.

As we toured the museum, I encountered the little family several times with Dad stressing the importance of such a crucial history lesson at every turn. It was enough to warm my cynical heart right on up. It was just the positive sign I had been searching for.

I have no idea how much worse or better the next few months will leave racial tension in our country, but it’s nice to know we’re not in this alone.

PHOTO: The photo above is a piece that’s been recently added to the National Civil Rights Museum.


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