Spotting a familiar face while out and about in Atlanta is nothing new. I have lived in the metro area for over 20 years now, so I do know one or two people.

With that being said, I wasn’t terribly surprised to see an old college dorm – mate at the gym last week. We said a quick hello and I returned to my burpees and bear crawls.

The shocker came in the conversation I overheard Denise (heyyyy girl!) having with her trainer next to me. 

“Kendolyn was one of the only girls I actually got along with in my freshman dorm. I could have burned the thing down if it wasn’t for her!” (Note. This was said in complete jest, I assure you.)

Funny thing is, I’d had a nearly identical conversation with my trainer just a few minutes earlier. Would you believe that Denise and I went all four years of college without being very close?

I’d always really liked her, and we got along fairly well. I’d simply assumed that Denise was like most of the other girls at my school…not my cup of tea. That assumption could have cost me a lifelong friend.

This whole interaction took place just days after Myleik and I had a discussion about why despite my being a “people person” I tend to stick to a very small, comfortable group of friends. I left the conversation stating my willingness to branch out of my comfort zone.

One can only imagine the countless opportunities and relationships missed from living in said zone. I’ve learned that when you simply assume something is “the way it is,” chances are, its not.

So, I branched out. And look where that got me. I have a date for drinks with Denise this weekend.


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