Save time by using our tips to changing your gorgeous, bronzed day makeup to a sultry night look. 

Black Eyeliner
Nude Lipgloss
Matte Red Lipstick
Black Mascara
Tinted Moisturizer
Full Coverage Foundation
Champagne-colored eyeshadow
Peach-Hued Blush

DAY LOOK: Your day look should be a simple one. Spare your face the full application of foundation and, instead, apply a light tinted moisturizer for minimal coverage that won’t melt in the hot sun. Don’t have a tinted moisturizer? No worries. Simply add a few drops of your foundation to your moisturizer and you’ve just created a do-it-yourself tinted moisturizer that’s customized for your skin tone.

Sweep some primer on your lids to make sure your eyeshadow stays put and apply your champagne-colored eyeshadow, which works with light to dark skin tones. Apply just a thin line of eyeliner and follow up with a little mascara.

Put just a little bronzer along your cheekbones to catch the light and pucker up with a nude gloss that works with any look.

NIGHT LOOK: First, spruce up your foundation by using a sponge to seamlessly blend any areas that may have worn off during the day.

Move your focus to your eyes. Rim the bottom lid and slightly smudge the eyeliner on your top lid for a subtle smoky look. Apply a second coat of mascara and your eyes are set.

Since you’ve already applied bronzer, apply your peach-hued blush over your bronzer to get a dewy look. Applying blush over bronzer reveals a truer color.

Finish by trading in your nude lipgloss for a striking matte red lip. Cocktails, anyone?


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