I’ve been coveting the crazy, dope faux loc styles that are all over the web for quite some time now, and the amazing Gail Hudson (@gailhudson) has granted my wish!

The install was quite interesting to me, especially given my lack of any braiding skill outside of, well, pigtails. Gail actually braided my entire head into individual braids before covering each braid with marley hair to cement the “loc look”.

Truthfully speaking, that that big old “braid bun” that everyone does has been top of mind since I began considering the locs. So cute! My next stop was, obviously, my good friend and teacher YouTube for a little styling tutorial.

I’ve added the style tips to the advice Gail gave me: 

1. The infamous bun. Hint! You will need some larger hair ties. The typical ones won’t work for your BIG BUN! Here are a few techniques featured on MariaAntoinetteTV and MELifestyle’s YouTube channels:

2. WASH YOUR HAIR! While this protective style is low maintenance, and great for those of us who love water and the outdoors, it is by no means no maintenance and your scalp still needs a good shampoo every two weeks.

3. Use a lightweight oil on your scalp to keep it healthy. (Try the Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum by OGX)

4. Getting the very front of your head re-braided every three weeks or so can extend the life of your style…and preserve your edges.

Look Fly! The locs are a sure & easy way to look great all summer.

Happy locing!


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