We’re celebrating curlBOX’s 3rd birthday alllll week long. Up first is the birthday beat. These three makeup looks are perfect inspiration for you gals with a b-day coming up. Check it out!


THE EMERALD CITY BEAT: You’ve got to be seen…in green. Right? Emerald eyeshadow looks so good on brown girls, especially when you smoke it out. This one requires a bit of a professional touch but it’s a fantastic idea to take to your local MAC counter. Photo: @cococmakeup


THE BROWN SUGAR BEAT: Is she not beat to the nude gawds? This beat is what we like to call a tribute to second skin. It’s done by using a number of earthy brown tones like caramels, chocolates, raisin and brown-girl champagnes and translucent powder for mucho blending and contouring. The trick is to keep the look fairly void of color, focusing on getting a flawless mug. Finish with a bright red lip. Photo: @tarathemua


THE MOD BEAT: Inspired by the 60’s trend, this look is characterized by blocky cat-eyes with just a touch of sparkle in the corners of the eyes. Peach blush gives a great flush on the cheeks and a nude lip finishes the look. Photo: @vikkihelene


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