Has your February 2014 box arrived yet? Hopefully so! Inside, you’ll find a number of goodies including Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Créme, a rich, hydrating moisturizer that can be used for twisting and daily quenching. Get the deets.

What’s in it? It’s enriched with aloe vera, coconut, olive, soy, argan oil, shea and mango butter

How do I use it? It helps to soften and nourish curls, as well as elongate kinks. Apply two quarter-sized amounts to your hand and scrunch it in if you’re simply moisturizing for the day. For two-strand twisting, this crème can actually be used on dry or wet hair. It gives a soft hold for a 2-day wearable style. It works well when combed or brushed through before styling.

What does it smell like? Ooooh, good question. It has a fantastic floral/tropical scent reminiscent of coconut.

Can I combine it with other products? The Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter works pretty well with other stylers. It rarely flakes and is a great addition to a “twisting” product cocktail.

How are you using this product?


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