The romantic hair trend is one that seems to pop up every year. It’s whimsical, soft and beautifully feminine. The main feature of the look is its fluffiness and penchant for chunky twists, large roller sets and just a touch of frizz.

Check out these styles the key tip to achieving them.


 MID-LENGTH:  Rocking the romantic look for mid-length styles is as simple as ditching some of the definition. You want your hair to look as if you ran your fingers through it a bit. Let some of the ends look frayed. It’s cool.


SUPER THICK: For those with super thick hair, try a bantu knot set to achieve this gorgeous curly look.


SIDESWEPT: You can’t truly flaunt a romantic sweetheart look without sweeping some curls across your face. A sideswept bang always makes for a girlishly demure look.

 Would you rock the romantic look?



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