Don’t you just love a fresh flat-iron? Going straight in the winter is a great idea, but you want to make sure to protect your curls. Here are three absolute DON’T’S to keep in mind when going sleek.

NEVER FLAT-IRON “NAKED” HAIR: Hair sans any kind of heat-protectant serum is considered “naked” hair. You’re almost sure to damage your tresses without using a great leave-in conditioner or styling serum like your Brazilian Blowout Acai Dry Oil before blow-drying and flat-ironing. This serum acts a shield against heat and lessens your chances of permanently straightening your curls.

DON’T USE SUPER HIGH HEAT: You may not need all 450 degrees of that fire-breathing heat coming from your flat-iron. Remember the 80/20 rule and put it to work. Blow-dry your tresses 80% straight and use your flat-iron to take your tresses 20% of the rest of the way. Make sure to purchase a flat-iron with varying temperatures ranging from the low 390s up to 450.

DON’T FLATIRON EVERYDAY: It’s tempting to want to flatiron your hair every day but don’t. In fact, curls work well with natural hair. If your roots get poofy, you can always go for a bedhead look with curls done with a hotstick or clampless curling iron. A tight wrap at night will help beat the poof.


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